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Welcome to the Higham and Rushden Branch of the U3A
New Group pages posted over the last month -   Beginner Guitar; Bird Watching; Photography; Handicrafts

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Scams plus What do they know about you?;  Link to Peter Bone's campaign to improve Chouns Mill Roundabout; Cottesbrooke Hall - the new trip details.

New members meeting;  Group Leaders meeting details (quick or you will miss it!!);  an invite for a Rushden/Higham Ferrers resident to join the Board of Nene Valley News (The free paper) 

The latest magazine is available from the 'Our Magazine' page - excellent book review as well as news from many of our groups.

Latest Membership Application Forms, the Constitution; Dates of Committee meetings etc - all available (and more)  on the Document Download Page - see menu above.

Picture of chairman due to home

Our Chairman - homeless due to home re-decoration
(Before you all ring up and take her plates of food  - No its not!!)
(picture taken from the History page)

The main U3A monthly meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month at the Pemberton Community Centre, H.E. Bates Way, Rushden, Northants, NN10 9YP  to which we invite guest speakers who cover a wide range of topics; the current programme can be viewed by choosing "Monthly Meetings" on the Menu Bar. The atmosphere is always welcoming and friendly and refreshments are available. 

There are lots of links which may prove to be of interest on our Useful Links page including details of our local MPs.  Also keep an eye on the News page for (hopefully) up-to-date items.

A Message from the Chairman

ChairHello everyone,

This month I thought I would talk about new groups.  I know we consider this at new membersí meetings and group leadersí meetings and generally at our monthly meeting and it is always said how important new groups are to our U3A.  We often look to our new members for new ideas, the thinking being that all our members have had an occupation or hobby which might result in a new group.  In fact this month that is just what has happened.  John has only been a member for a short while and he is hoping to start a group which he is calling Home Recording with Midi.  He has been in touch with Martyn, our Groups Co-ordinator and I think John is going to introduce himself at the meeting.  Our other new group is, of course, the Settlements group organised by Frances, our Secretary.  Frances is not, of course, a new member but she had a good idea.  The group has had its first meeting and has been very well supported. 

New group leaders are always needed.  When a group has been running for a year or two, sometimes the leader feels it is time to do something else.  I know this from personal experience.  I ran a group with Kettering U3A for about four years taking it over from the previous leader.  I reached a point when I just felt it was time to hand it on to someone else, which I am pleased to say is what happened.  So, please do consider if you have something to contribute to our organisation.  You would be helped in the early stages by Martyn Penney and I am sure you would enjoy the experience.


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