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U3A Aims and Principles
Welcome to Higham and Rushden U3A
New Group pages posted over the last month -  History. Art, Philosophy, Advanced Driving, Classical Music Appreciation

On the News Page - Lots of vacancies in groups - especially read the Computing Group section
On the Useful Links Page - Neighbourhood Watch,
  East Northants Council  Community Watch Safety team and Patient Liaison Service  Kettering hospital  (PALS)

The latest magazine (June) is now available from the 'Our Magazine' page -  news from many of our groups; book review etc. -  

Latest Membership Application Forms, the Constitution; Dates of Committee meetings etc - all available (and more)  on the Document Download Page

                    to Shri Swaminarayan Mandir
See History Page for visit to Shri Swaminarayan Mandir

The main U3A monthly meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month at the Pemberton Community Centre, H.E. Bates Way, Rushden, Northants, NN10 9YP  to which we invite guest speakers who cover a wide range of topics; the current programme can be viewed by choosing "Monthly Meetings" on the Menu Bar. The atmosphere is always welcoming and friendly and refreshments are available. 

There are lots of links which may prove to be of interest on our Useful Links page including details of our local MPs.  Also keep an eye on the News page for (hopefully) up-to-date items.

A Message from the Committee

ChairPhotographs of Members

A question has been raised regarding the obtaining of permission from people before a photograph of them is used or reproduced.  The legal position is that permission is only required by law if the photograph is to be used for commercial purposes and/or the image is to be sold.  It goes without saying that it must be possible for the person to be recognised.

Despite what may be thought there is some doubt as to whether photographs are "personal data" and thus fall within the Data Protection Act.  However, the advice to photographers is that it is generally best to secure permission if photographs contain people.  Certainly the U3A magazine, Third Age Matters (TAM), contains the reminder that if photographs of people are submitted for publication then peoples' permission should have been obtained.  Higham and Rushden U3A will, from time to time, take photographs of members for use in our monthly newsletter, for submitting to TAM and perhaps for use in the local papers. 

We have no wish to embarrass people or publish photographs without permission however the dilemma is how such permission is obtained, especially when a photograph may contain many people!  It would be an enormous task to canvass all 550 plus members, ask permission, record all those who did not agree to their photographs being taken etc etc. The Committee have thus decided to adopt an "opt out" approach. We will assume that no member has any objection to their photograph being taken and used in any of the publications mentioned above.  When photographs are being taken, for example by the Digital Photography Group or members of the Committee the members present will be advised and time allowed for people to move "out of shot" before the shutter is pressed.

This is a link to our constitution

Registered Charity Number 1164952.


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