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Welcome to the Higham and Rushden Branch of the U3A
New Group pages posted over the last month -      Digital Photography; Philosophy

On the News Page - (please send in 'stuff' since not a lot of new items) - Lots of vacancies in groups; New free legal advice contact. 

The latest magazine (November) is available from the 'Our Magazine' page -  news from many of our groups; book review etc. 

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The main U3A monthly meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month at the Pemberton Community Centre, H.E. Bates Way, Rushden, Northants, NN10 9YP  to which we invite guest speakers who cover a wide range of topics; the current programme can be viewed by choosing "Monthly Meetings" on the Menu Bar. The atmosphere is always welcoming and friendly and refreshments are available. 

There are lots of links which may prove to be of interest on our Useful Links page including details of our local MPs.  Also keep an eye on the News page for (hopefully) up-to-date items.

A Message from the NEW Chairman

ChairHello everyone, Higham and Rushden U3A held its AGM on Wednesday 21st October attended by nearly 200 members.  And at that meeting we were all able to say a big “Thanks” to both Chris for her brilliant leadership and to Linda for her work on the Committee.  Both had contributed to the smooth running of the Committee over many years.  Two new members, Barbara Wiggins and Mike Mimms were voted onto the Committee by the members present.  At the Committee Meeting that took place on the following Monday I was elected Chair and the usual suspects were returned to their positions,  Jean Mole – Treasurer and Ann Kemp - Secretary.  And another willing volunteer, Lynn Gale, was co-opted onto the Committee. 
Writing the monthly piece for the Newsletter is one of the duties of being Chair that I expect to find challenging.  Finding something topical and appropriate, something interesting and entertaining each month will be a test for me!  But this is the easy month!  I guess you want to hear my thoughts! 
Being welcoming: I would like to endorse the comments that Chris made at the AGM.  Whether the person sitting on their own is a new member or someone who does not normally come to the monthly meeting: Smile, say hello and try to engage them in conversation.  You could talk about the weather or the speaker, it doesn’t really matter.  Once the ice has been broken conversation should flow.  Give and Take: U3A is all about self help, supporting others to learn, to improve, to enjoy etc.  But nothing happens without people.  The Committee is now “full” but there is still a need for volunteers, whether to help serve the refreshments, to help run Groups, to man the door and welcome people to the monthly meeting or help look after new members. 
Finally, I plan to attend some Group meetings over the coming months to find out how things work and hope to meet many members as I do so.  I know you’ll make me welcome. 

Phil Grace

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